12 Week Challenge

This program designed by Amy Holmes, a qualified, experienced trainer and healthy lifestyle coach. It's a personalised approach to suit your lifestyle and more importantly your tastebuds! Believing in a holistic approach to health, Amy will give you the tools to continue on your health and fitness journey once the 12 week challenge is finished, making this a great start to the rest of your life - a healthy life!

This is unlike any other 12 week program – we have found the missing link – it’s truly personal! You can choose from a variety of options that suit your needs, your goals and even your wallet! You can choose packages that include one on one attention, one on one training, one on one nutrition consultation – and therefore you do not get lost in the crowd. Or if you'd like save a few dollars by sharing with others, you can choose the group challenge option. This allows you to attend group nutrition seminars and access to Shape Fitness group training sessions. Either way, the challenge has seen great success and we pride ourselves on results achieved time and time again.

If you’ve tried all the others and have had no success, then this program is for you.

The 12 week Shape Up challenge is suitable for those who want to improve energy levels, improve fitness, achieve a balanced maintainable body weight, lose weight, or generally to improve their habits to prevent poor lifestyle related diseases like type II diabetes and so on.

Option 1

$44 per week or $440 in one payment upfront

Group challenge: includes access to all group exercise sessions at Shape Fitness studio, healthy eating meal plans, weekly nutrition and lifestyle seminars with Amy Holmes, goal tracking, (regular weigh in and measurements) and health and fitness assessments.

Option 2

$29 per week or $299 in one payment upfront

Eating only challenge: includes healthy eating meal plans, weekly nutrition and lifestyle seminars with Amy Holmes, and goal tracking (regular weigh in and measurements)

Option 3

$75 per week or $799 in one payment upfront

Exercise and eating challenge: This package is the real life changer! Includes 2 weekly one on one training sessions (30 minutes each) with your Shape Fitness trainer, access to all Shape Fitness Studio group exercise sessions, healthy eating meal plans, weekly nutrition and lifestyle seminars (with Amy Holmes), goal tracking (regular weigh in and measurements), and health and fitness assessments. Places are limited to ensure that personalised service is delivered every time. This package is only offered to 8 people every 12 weeks. Enquire now to secure your place.

As seen in the Bendigo Advertiser,
real people achieving real results!

  • Katrina lost 16.5 kilograms and 20cm off her waist by taking on the Eating and Exercise challenge.
  • Aliesha lost 11.5 kilograms and 16cms off her waist by completing the Eating only component of the challenge.
  • John lost 8.2 kilograms and 12.5cm off his waist by taking part in the exercise only challenge.
There is an intake of participants every 12 weeks and maximum capacity per intake – please enquire for further details on our next registration period.

Option 4

$89 per week or $899 in one payment upfront

Exercise and eating challenge with Amy as your challenge coach: This is exactly like the real life changer package above, with the exception that you get Amy Holmes, founder of the program as your personal coach. She has worked with hundreds of people over the last 2 years to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Just recently, Bendigo Community Health Services partnered with Amy to highlight Men’s Health through a high profile challenge featuring Rod Case (Editor of the Bendigo Advertiser), Craig Niemann (CEO of the City of Greater Bendigo) and Jonathan Ridnell (Regional content Manager ABC radio). It was a great success with Rod, Craig and Jonathan all achieving amazing results! Amy takes a maximum of 8 participants each intake, in order to keep the challenge personalised and get the best results possible. This is not like mass produced 12 week challenges – we have proven results and a personalised approach.
The 12 week body balance challenge has really re-energised me! Having 3 small children it was time I tried to improve myself for myself and my family. With Amy’s help, support and guidance I have not only lost weight, feel better inside & out & have more energy, but I have gained new friends! That is a credit to Amy who provides a friendly environment to all who attend. I can not thank Amy enough for what she has given me. . .but thanks anyway! - Tanya