Shape Rattle
'n' Stroll

As a qualified pregnancy and post-natal fitness specialist, Amy has specially designed Shape, Rattle ‘n’ Stroll sessions for women throughout this stage of their life. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and effective program for pregnant women who want to maintain their fitness and post natal women who want to re-gain fitness and strength after having a baby.

You will not only improve your fitness with Shape, Rattle ‘n’ Stroll but also enjoy the social network of mothers and, of course, mothers ‘to be’. It’s the perfect way to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Bendigo while improving your health and fitness.

We understand the obstacles that prevent most mothers from exercising, therefore our classes are designed for you to bring along your children (in a pram), which also encourages a healthy lifestyle for your child or children from the beginning of their life.

“Studies have shown that women who are physically active before and after the birth of a child not only retain less weight after the birth, but tend to remain socially active and feel better about themselves in the postpartum months. When you think about it, giving birth is most definitely a physical challenge for the female body, so why wouldn’t you want to be as physically fit as possible to endure your labour”.

Shape, Rattle ‘n’ Stroll have specialised training programs to improve fitness, strength (including the all important pelvic floor strength) and flexibility in both group style classes and one on one training - the choice is yours!

Classes are run by qualified fitness professionals, who just happen to be mothers too!