Sweat 'n' Stretch

Sweat ‘n’ Stretch is the latest fitness innovation to hit Bendigo!

Designed by Amy Holmes and Peita Carter, this concept brings their many years of fitness industry experience to combine elements of Cardio and yoga to bring you the complete fitness experience!

Each session in cleverly designed to cater for all fitness levels

  • Open to people of all ages
  • Open to both men and women
  • Previous Yoga experience not essential
  • Saturday mornings at 7:30am (with more session times to be released, please enquire)
  • Places are limited
  • Bookings essential

All sessions are instructed by qualified trainers, insured, registered and endorsed by Fitness Australia.

The benefits of Cardio

High intensity cardio training gives you a good sweaty workout that burns lots of calories and improves your fitness.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga improves flexibility, strength, body awareness, breathing, mental calmness and clarity, sleep, immunity, memory and concentration. Helps to tone muscles, aids in pain prevention, depression and anxiety, reduces stress, aids in weight management, and energy levels increase.

The benefits of combining the two exercise styles

You get a lung opening cardio session that includes strength training, calorie burning and the release of endorphins. This is followed by stretching, breathing, relaxation and a full mind body and soul experience.

“It’s the ultimate start to the weekend. The cardio is great start to the session getting the heart pumping and a good sweat up. The yoga is a perfect way to clear the mind and get the body nice and relaxed. No two sessions are the same which adds even another dimension to the workout that has the lot for people of all ages!” - Bec